[ be prepared ] [ at this place ] [ locate where to be ] [ see this also ] [ without delay ]

[AUTOMUSIK] has no publicly accessible functions appointed at this current point in the continuum. in place of [AUTOMUSIK], perhaps you as a singular or group entity could search for productive and happy activities to keep your various body parts interested and obliged.

choose from the following examples:

  1. move yourself to differing locations at random intervals.
  2. plant a perennial woody plant into the ground in honor of something that has previously expired.
  3. transform a flat rounded mass of dough or batter into an edible form for eight to ten humanlike persons.
  4. decorate the object you previously created in the aforementioned example.
       choose from the following:
           a. a flag of Austrailia
           b. a human foot
           c. a large chicken finger
           d. a profile of [oprah winfrey]
  5. determine that a single individual determines themselves to be of a very important nature and remind them that they are a completely replaceable organism.
  6. establish the exact numerical count of breaded fish fillets you can consume at one single period of time without expulging the undigested remains of your previous servings.

remain clean